Hoyle - Sharks are wild! Card Game

Lion Rampant


  • Teaches Math and Memory

  • Easy to Learn, Quick to Setup and Play

  • For Ages 4 - 6

  • Two Different Levels of Difficulty 

Kids dive into Sharks Are Wild because it’s easy to learn and starts a jolly-good time! You win the game by being the first player to collect five Gold Coins. To win each gold coin, players create a sequence of five numbered cards. And you can use the shark card to replace any number in the sequence. That’s why they call sharks wild! But that’s only the beginning. Once kids master Level One, there’s more fun and learning in store.

Kids can play open-handed at first to get their sea legs. After they master the basic game, the advanced version adds more of a challenge and can even bring older siblings into the game. In Level Two of the game, a couple of other deep-sea pals of mine add even more excitement. Watch out for the Octopus! He lets a player grab another player’s card and add it to their own sequence. But you can stop the Octopus from grabbing any card if you have a Dolphin in your hand. 

I’m sure you can see how the reversals of fortune keep things exciting, right? But the changes that happen during each player’s turn also make kids continually revise their sequences, reinforcing what they’ve learned. That’s the game’s secret to making learning fun!

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