Gourmet Village Dip Mix-Jar

Gourmet Village


Parmesan & Artichoke Dip Jar

SOFI AWARD WINNING PRODUCT. Just add Cream Cheese, Sour Cream and a can of chopped Artichokes, mix, bake and serve. Fresh from the oven, the richest & tastiest dip ever with melted cheese on top, ready to enjoy with crusty bread or crackers.
Makes 12 cups.


Roasted Garlic Dip Jar

Our dips are prepared with the fines ingredients, natural blends of Herbs & Spices along with dried vegetables and tangy cheeses. You provide the kitchen basics, we provide the taste which will bring your family and guests coming back for more and asking for your recipe.
Makes 10 cups.


Roasted Pepper Dip Jar

Light, creamy, full of taste dips, prepared in minutes, just add fresh ingredients sour cream, real mayonnaise, chill and serve. Taste even better if left in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.
Makes 10 cups.


Lemon Dill Dip Jar

A delicate flavour of dill with a hint of lemon. One of our original classic dips, the all natural blend of Herbs & Spices is so versatile, sprinkle a little on a Salmon steak before grilling, shake a little into the tuna for a smooth sandwich filling.
Makes 10 cups


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